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Spark Profit review – Risk free stock market predicting

his spark profit review spark profit reviewis based on my experiences that I have had so far with the platform and using it on my mobile device (iphone).
You can also “play” it on android and in your web browser.
Spark Profit is like a little game in which you use to predict prices on the stock market. This simplifies a lot of things down where all you have to do is predict whether you think prices will rise or fall.
You don’t need to understand pips, stops, or all the other jargon that is associated with the stock market. Though having some knowledge and being able to predict well will obviously have its benefits.

“Free to play game”

This is probably the best mindset to go into using this app. It’s certainly not a form of replacement income. People are risking thousands if not millions of dollars all the time on the stock market, but has no risk at all.
Recently I received an email that says that Spark Profit is planning to make the use of real money available as an addition to the already existing free platform. I will be keeping an eye out on this in the future.
I have yet to earn enough to cash out, as you need to earn $30 before you can.
The way the system works is with points. You earn them with trades and at the end of each week when the market closes, you get awarded with money.
Note that you will need to give them your phone number when you join in order to be verified. I have done this and haven’t been spammed with anything ungodly so there is no need to worry here.

Earning money with Spark Profit

As I have mentioned, this is not an ideal way to be looking to earn money. Only really if you have any sort of interest in stocks, then this may be of interest to you as an extra little something to do when you have a few minutes time to spare.
It literally only takes seconds to make a prediction. If you are more into it, you can read the news and get more insight.
The best things I have found to make predictions in have been oil, then either gold or copper. There are also several currencies in which you can make predictions, but due to the nature of it, exchange rates don’t change nearly as much as oil does in a week.
This can even be a bit of a learning tool as well. If you can predict oil prices, then you can predict petrol prices as well.
Generally oil prices will change first before you notice prices at the pump change, so if you see a sharp drop in oil price, as there has been from last year going from over $100 a barrel to currently around $63, you may get ready for a drop in petrol price that you can prepare for.
Of course this may not always happen and it’s more likely that when oil prices rise that petrol price will rise and you may want to fill your tank up quick.
While this isn’t exactly earning money as such, being able to predict this particular price can help in savings, which in turn is still pretty good.
Wouldn’t you rather spend $40 instead of $45 to fill your car? $5 is still $5 that you can spend or save on whatever you want. And all the little savings add up.

My thoughts

Spark Profit is a neat little idea that is ideal as a fun little extra. It is best to do it every Monday or whenever the market opens up for you to get the most out of the week.
Oil is the best to play with, but with the high reward there is also “high risk”. But you’re not really risking anything.
Do you get paid or not, I don’t yet truly know. Spark Profit has a little forum in the app that shows people that request payment and the site even has a list of people who have received payments, the top currently with just shy of $500.
Anyone could do with an extra $500 a year, just for playing a little game a couple of minutes, a few times a week with no risk at all.
Check out the app free here and play in your browser.
While it’s good to have multiple streams of income, Spark Profit won’t be one you can completely rely on, certainly not make a living from.
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