Monday, 24 November 2014

Earn Money With Ziddu

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Make Money with Ziddu
Started in mid 2007, Ziddu has become one of the most reputable free file hosting website that provide users with the ability to upload and share their files online. Unlike EasyShare and Uploading, Ziddu does not offers any premium account for their uploaders. Instead, users can register as a free Ziddu members and still get a chance to experience the exclusive premium benefits such as fast uploads and downloads, unlimited data storage and no waiting time for the download to start. There is a 200Mb file size limit per upload and you can upload multiple files simultaneously as long as the total size does not exceed 200Mb. You can upload files to Ziddu as a non-registered members but a registered member are able to managed their uploaded files, set files priority(public or private) and even make money for each times your files has been downloaded.
Make Money with Ziddu
Ziddu offer two types on online money maker which is through pay per download and referral program.
Pay Per Download
You will be paid whenever a user download your file regardless on their country of origin as long as it is a unique download. A unique download is considered as one download on a particular file per IP address per day. For each valid unique download, Ziddu will pay you $0.001.

* 1000 Unique Downloads = $1 USD
* 5000 Unique Downloads = $5 USD
* 10000 Unique Downloads = $10 USD
* 50000 Unique Downloads = $50 USD
* 100000 Unique Downloads = $100 USD

Ziddu will reward their members with $0.10 for each person that sign-up to their network and upload their first file.

Ziddu will pay their members that have accumulated at least $10 in their account via PayPal or Moneybookers. An issued payment will be processed on the 10th of the month after 40 days from the month the minimum payout limit was reached. For example, if you earned $20 in March, you will be paid on the 10th of May.

For me, what makes Ziddu so special and unique is the fact that they does not have any waiting time to begin downloading a file like many others file hosting did. On top of that, you can earn for your downloaded files for all countries as long as it is a unique download. That's all for now and Good Luck on making money with Ziddu pay per download program.

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