Friday, 31 October 2014

how to earn money on uploaded

Another tested way of earning money. This time with uploading files.
      Under the domain ul provides a multimedia platform on the Internet, permitting Users to upload and publish information of their own (including files and content). In particular, the services under provide Users with a virtual storage place, enabling them to store files such as videos, images or documents and display them on the Platform.
      Earn money by uploading files is one of the best way to make money online. If you have some files you want to share with others, and you know a lot of people would download them, then you can make money uploading files.
Every time when you upload a file, you get a link, Html Code, BBCode. Place them on websites, blogs, forums etc.Where others can easily find. They download it - You earning!

    All you need is to register as a FREE member. Go on Enter your email on bottom page. Go to your email and confirm your registration. You receive a user name and password in email.
  Important Note: If you want additional content, as well as unlimited download speed, Parallel downloads without restrictions, Direct ad-free downloads without waiting time, Unlimited storability of uploaded files, Manage your uploaded files at the file manager incl. the complete range of functions plus earning options of the Free Account model you can become a Premium memberYou can do this here.
It is possible to earn, depending on size of files, from €1 to €40/1000 downloads (PPD). There is additional earnings via sales orders 75% inital sale/65% rebill (PPS) . For all details, see on site under Affiliate Program.
Payment is when you reach a minimum €50. Payments methods: WebMoney, Bank Wire and vouchers and You can very quickly reached that amount, especially if you are posting content on those sites that have a large number of visits.
    Advice: For payments greater than €100 no Fee. For smaller amounts(50-99,99) Fee is 20%. Avoid it, collect €100

Payment proofs

     At the beginning, I was skeptical, especially about minimum payment. But as time went on and as I developed the business, I have surpassed my expectations, much more than I thought. I'm happy and I can RECOMMEND
That's it! Just choose content you want to share with others and start upload...
If you find this interesting, you can register hereThank you!


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