Friday, 12 September 2014

The Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook

By far the most common reason that people fall off of the paleo diet is their struggle to create a variety of delicious meals with the time they have available. After all, we all recognize the benefits of a paleo diet – who wouldn’t want those? But, let’s face facts – as much as we wish we had the time to spend hours each day slaving over the stove to surprise our families with a different mouth-watering dish for every meal, we have lives to live. For most of us, that’s just not an option.
But I have some good news for those of us with limited time, cooking abilities, and patience. There’s one resource out there that solves all of those problems in one go. No time? No problem. No cooking skills? No problem. No superhero ability to come up with a new dish every day? No problem.
The Paleo Hacks Cookbook small-book01is a downloadable book of over 200 delicious recipes that you’re guaranteed to never have seen or eaten before. Covering all categories of food including main meals, snacks, salads, and desserts, this book does away with the boredom that comes with eating the same meals over and over again.
How often do you eat chicken and vegetables? Or steak and vegetables? Quite often, we’re guessing. And that’s exactly where The Paleo Cookbook comes in, with recipes we would never have come up with ourselves, like Sweet Potato & Tuna Patties. Mm!

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