Monday, 15 September 2014 is a new website promising to give you access to the best and highest paying market research companies online. Their sales page promises that you can “Realistically earn a full time income from home.”

Surveys Paid also says that there are so many surveys out there for people to take, that there is actually a demand for survey takers. In fact, they imply there is such a demand for survey takers, that some people can actually be hired as full time survey takers.

For a discounted price of $34.00, (50% off the regular price of $68.00) you can be on your way toward being financially independent with
At least that is what Surveys Paid would like you to think. In reality, there is no such thing as being “hired” as a full time survey taker. Market research companies benefit from a random sampling of a specific demographic that they are targeting. Anyone who currently earns money taking online surveys will tell you the companies are incredibly specific in what they want, and you will not always fit that criteria.
People who already make money taking surveys could also tell you that you should never have to pay for access to online surveys. The best market research companies allow you to sign up for free, and tons of places have lists of reliable, respectable market research companies you can sign up with.
Finally, the payment page for is not a secure payment page. This means that your information is at risk of being stolen and used for credit card fraud or identity theft.
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