Monday, 8 September 2014

Earth 4 Energy

So many people are buried under mounds of utility bills worldwide that in a slumping economy they can find it hard to make ends meet.  Justifying spending less on things that are neccesary like food to pay a utility bill really hurts families everywhere.  This review is meant to cover a product that has been released to the public claiming to help alleviate those stacks of bills and provide some comfort to struggling families, and a way to live a greener life as well.  We intend to uncover whether this is worth your time and trouble, or another shot at your thinning pocketbook.

What is Earth4Energy?

The Earth for Energy system is a kit that gives you step by step instructions and illustrations to perform home improvements using solar energy and other forms of alternative energy.  It is supported by a community of people who have tried the methods explained and given their real testimonials about both the good and bad things to expect with the product.  The idea behind this is simple enough.  We’ve all heard of going off the grid, and living off of solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity and other means of self sustainability.  There are even bio-homes out there that are made to order, complete with greenhouses to grow your own food.  This product is meant as an introduction to an alternative lifestyle, where you are not the prisoner of companies whose rates just continue to rise.

What Can you Expect from Earth4Energy?

Onto the results aspect of Earth4Energy.  Here’s where a lot of people have become rather upset due in part to not understanding the product’s entire scope.  Nobody can expect to tack a single solar panel onto their roof and be able to disconnect their electricity.  That’s not even enough power for one incandescent lightbulb, let alone an entire house.  The program is meant, when followed thoroughly, to provide a means toward alternative energy… meaning, it will take several panels, and a wind powered generator (depending on your actual power consumption) to really see massive differences in your utility bills.  This is not to say that those who cannot afford to encase their entire roof in solar panels, or build a wind generator won’t see savings, it is just realistic to assume it will not be as much as others.  So to speak to the question, “Does it really work?” I suppose the short answer is, “Yes, it does.” but that comes along with the knowledge that I and many others perceive an investment of $50 for a product, and a big savings on the equipment you’ll need to be a very good investment in terms of our time and money.  That does not mean that there’s not work involved, and a great deal of understanding is needed in order to be successful, but for what the product claims to offer, it seems they’ve upheld their end of the bargain.

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